THC Gummies and 1:1 Gummies

Proud to offer a wide range of cannabis infused edibles Elevate is a candy company with a background in the professional food prep industry.

Their lock tight tins offer discrete convenient packaging that can be taken anywhere. Made with pure THC distillate they provide 10mgs of THC per candy.

Number of candies – 12

Strength – 10 mg of THC each 120 mg of THC per tin.

Dosage – Take one candy and wait one hour to assess if another one is needed

Chocolate Bars

Elevate chocolate bars are made by a professional chef using high quality chocolate and ingredients. Each square is dosed with 10mg of pure THC distillate with 150mg total in the bar. As tempting as it is fight the urge to eat the whole bar and start slow.

Strength – 10 mg THC per square 150 mg THC per bar.

Dosage – Take one or two squares to start depending on tolerance and wait 60 minutes before eating more.